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About Kindle

About Kindle

Kindle Burrows was born and raised in a North Philadelphia home and has been creative since her childhood. Raised by her Great Grandmother, who worked for Campbell's Soup and did catering jobs, Kindle had a fresh start at being a sous chef at home, "As I would watch my mom limp around the kitchen (she had swollen ankles and knee) I would be amazed at how she did perfect measurements without measuring cups. I lived on a block with many strong black mommas who could cook! I watched and learned and it became a part of my culture to I learned how to serve people and make them smile about it."

A big fan of music and the arts of Philadelphia, Kindle found what came close to bliss or pleasure. "It's that feeling when you sign and smile 'cause it's so good, the lyrics, the music, the dance, the painting, the plate! The things that bring us those happy warm moments are defined as pleasure so I had to put them in a platter!

In 2017 Kindle lost her job of 13 years where she worked with children and was devastated. "My husband would come home from work and find me in a fetal position and that went on for two years. Then one day he said no more, get up and fight! So I did. That first weekend I sold platters on my Facebook to my Facebook friends and took off running! Four years later in 2023, I'm loving serving from my own brick-and-mortar for Pleasure Platters!"

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